TCLEDDS Officer Licence


All licensed officers in Texas Law Enforcement Agencies can access their training and personal records stored at TCOLE by purchasing a TCLEDDS Officer License. Records can be viewed for accuracy and for informational purposes, and a printer friendly feature allows convenient printing of officer records. Officers can also Request Courses on-line and view courses that they are registered for.

How to sign up:

• Call toll free 1-800-975-0599 and ask for "Officer Sign-Up".

This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


• Identify errors in personal records and make corrections faster
• Stay in line for promotions and pay raises by having your training records current and    accurate
• Avoid Suspensions due to improper or incomplete training records
• View personal records privately and conveniently
• Verify Academy's reporting of training information
• Verify compliance status of officer license


• Two-year individual access license to TCOLE records is just $25.00.
• One-year individual access license to TCOLE records is $20.00.