What is TCLEDDS?

TCLEDDS is a custom, web-based software application designed for use by the Texas law enforcement community. Agencies, academies and individual officers are linked via the Internet into the database of the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) in Austin, TX. At the agency level, the TCLEDDS system provides the means to electronically send and review all the TCOLE forms that are otherwise handled through the mail.

How do agencies access TCLEDDS?

An annual TCLEDDS license provides issue of a user name and password unique for each agency or academy, and this allows each agency or academy to access TCLEDDS.

Who started TCLEDDS?

This system was initiated by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement for exclusive use by all Texas Agencies and Academies for electronic transfer of data. With this system, TCOLE in Austin can collect, track, and distribute the most up to date officer information for the agencies.

When did TCLEDDS start?

The system first became available to Texas law enforcement agencies in the Summer of 1999.

What does TCLEDDS do?

TCLEDDS collects and tracks law enforcement credentialing information (around 35,000 records per month) required by the State of Texas legislature, including an officer's service/employment history, personal history, training/education history, and awards history such as licenses and certifications.

How many Texas Agencies use TCLEDDS?

Currently there are over 700 Texas law enforcement agencies and academies using TCLEDDS to save time and money, and to increase their agency efficiency and records accuracy.

Who is authorized to use the TCLEDDS system?

Any Texas law enforcement agency or academy, of any size or location, can sign up for this very economical program. This system is designed to work for the smaller, rural, and geographically remote agency as well as for the large metropolitan agencies and academies. Each agency can sign up annually to be licensed and authorized to enter and upload data with TCOLE in Austin.

Is the TCLEDDS system secure?

Yes. All connections and access to data are secured by a User ID and Password

Can individual officers review their own records?

Yes. Individual officers can access their own records under two scenarios. Licensed officers can purchase their own inexpensive annual TCLEDDS access license. This access lets them see their own records and certifications. Agencies subscribing to TCLEDDS are provided a quantity of user licenses based on their size as outlined by TCOLE. Often there are many available licenses individual officers can use to see their records.

Will our Agency need special or additional hardware to use TCLEDDS?

No special computer hardware or software needs to be purchased by agencies desiring to use the TCLEDDS system. An Internet-capable Pentium computer with modem and communications software will handle transactions for most agencies.

Where are the officer data records stored?

All officer information is stored at the Austin headquarters of the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement.

Who provides and maintains the TCLEDDS system?

Productivity Center, Inc., of Houston, Texas was selected by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement and maintains a long-term partnership to design, develop, maintain, and serve as the provider of the TCLEDDS system.

How is the annual fee for access to TCLEDDS determined?

TCLEDDS is priced according to the category assigned to each agency by TCOLE. The category is based on size of the officer population of the department. It includes not only sworn peace officers, but jailers, telecommunications and reserves. Department are given a set number of user Licenses based on the category size. An agency does not have to keep active all user licenses assigned and may add or disable a user at any time. This will not affect your TCLEDDS price. The annual license is renewed automatically.

Does the Texas Law Enforcement Commission recommend TCLEDDS?

It should be noted that this program is highly recommended by the Commission and was developed due to the urging of agency administrators. TCLEDDS is offered as an alternative and it is not mandatory for agencies to participate. The program is provided as an efficient, accurate, reliable, and cost effective option to current hard copy paper processes.