TCLEDDS Assistant™

Download the .Zip file here
Select the option to save the file to your PC. You will need an unzip program (Winzip, WinRAR, etc.) to use this file.

For the SQL Upgrade, click here instead.

Upgrade Installation Instructions:

1. Double Click on the file on your desktop.
2. Click OPEN to open the zip file.
3. From the top menu go to ACTIONS and select EXTRACT.
4. For the EXTRACT TO: location, type C:\temp, then go to the radio button under FILES and select ALL FILES.
5. Click the EXTRACT button on the right.
6. After it extracts close the unzip program.
7. Right-click on the START Button and select EXPLORE.
8. Navigate to the C:\ drive and click on the Temp folder to open.
9. Now double click on the UpgradeTCLEDDSAssistant132.exe

The process takes less than 5 minutes.

The Upgrade program will bring up a window for the SA password.  NOTE:  If you do not have a SA password, (or you have never used a SA password to log into your assistant before) then leave this field BLANK when you are prompted.   Click the OK button.  The upgrade should take less than 5 minutes.

When the installation is complete you should see a TCLEDDS Assistant™ Update Patch Box.  This should confirm the upgrade and or give and error message if something went wrong. 

TCLEDDS Assistant™ is now upgraded on your system.  When you run TCLEDDS Assistant™ the version will be 1.3.2.  This is shown in the bottom of the TCLEDDS Assistant window when it is running.

Cleanup (optional)
If you created the Temp folder on your C: Drive you can now delete that folder.  Delete the file on your desktop.