TCLEDDS (Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Data Distribution System) is a custom, web-based software application designed for use by the Texas law enforcement community. TCLEDDS enables authorized users to enter or upload data, including an officer's employment status, education and certifications, training histories and much more.

Texas agencies, academies and individual officers are linked via the Internet to the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education (TCLEOSE) in Austin, Texas. At the agency level, the TCLEDDS system provides the means to electronically send and review all TCLEOSE forms that are otherwise handled through the mail.

Agencies, academies, and officers may request more information via e-mail at: TCLEDDS@prodctr.com

The application in Texas supports approximately 60,000 officers, 3,000 agencies, and 300 academies throughout the State. Productivity Center, Inc. licenses and customizes this software for other states or other agencies and commissions under the name I-TRAKô.

Advantages of using TCLEDDS

- Electronically submit forms: L1, F5, F6 & F7
- View all Officer Training Records within their Department
- Access Employment Candidate Training Records


- Post Courses and Offerings online
- Electronically submit Rosters
- View Current and Past Rosters online
- View academy exam results
- Search Past Rosters

- View all Training Records
- Update Personal Info

TCLEDDS Online Demos

To see a demonstration of the TCLEDDS application, please contact us at the email address below or click on the Contact link at left. tcledds@prodctr.com